SPORTMAX Pre-Fall 2016 Future Alpine Collection

A sparkling and pure air presents the Sportmax Pre-Fall 2016 collection as a juxtaposition between Nature and Architecture. A blow of Italian futurism and playful purism.

Spots punctuate the collection in a visual game of alternation between the positive and negative. Discs placed on the body to punctuate garments or in the form of cut outs on leather patch pockets or set on the toes of a butter pump with a cubist heel.

Alpine florals compose either intricate black silhouettes patterns sparingly placed on white silk or as a full wallpaper or a hedge row Prussian blue cut out lace.

Bold zig zags emblazone graphic “folk” inspired knits. Architectural vertical stripes, sometimes as woven or patch worked intarsia, design the look.

Vanilla, black, nude or Prussian, coal and white are the hues that dominate the palette.

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