FENDI Timepieces Unveils Policromia

A voyage through time from the mysterious myth to the future, Policromia is  the new exclusive Fendi Timepieces watch designed in collaboration with Delfina Delettrez Fendi, globally renowned jewelry designer. The name Policromia origins from the Greek words  poly (multiple) and khrôma (colors), embodying the idea of several colors together, with a mystic reminder to a surreal Goddess living in a far world.

A combination of colors on different surfaces, multiple shaded pieces, precious inserts and asymmetrical bezels made in noble materials, create the watch’s daring silhouette with a unique 3D effect, enhancing the importance of time, innovation and evolution of the watch’s design. The natural elements and materials, a play of stratifications and geometries celebrate Rome and its eternal magnetism in a whispered way. The  layers are mixed-up in a play of full and empty volumes, recalling Palazzo Della Civiltà Italiana, the FENDI Headquarters in Rome, and its unique arches with the light shining through them setting time in a unique and surprising way. Elegant ellipses create surfaces overlapping on the dial inspired by the architectural structure of the city of Rome with its street, the viae of the Roman Empire.

The accurate selection of precious mineral stones, like malachite, one of the signatures of Delfina Delettrez Fendi’s universe, perfectly merges in the Policromia watch giving it an hypnotic power. Natural patterns look repeated while being at the same time all different, creating an illusion of time passing like a luxury time gate. A unique aesthetics, elegant yet conceptual with a surrealistic twist perfectly combines with the FENDI DNA. The FENDI Policromia Watches Collection features twenty models of watches, each showcasing different precious elements of haute joaillerie. Brilliant cut white diamonds set the time on the case and dial, paired with refined inserts of real stones malachite and green mother of pearl, or lapis lazuli and blue mother-of-pearl. White and yellow gold add their timeless value enhanced by black rhodium-plated yellow gold.

The Swiss watchmaking expertise is revealed in the highest care for each detail in the making-of and finishing phases, from the Swiss-made movement to the distinctive polishing and azurage on the case and dial. The FENDI highest craftsmanship is unveiled in the genuine alligator straps handmade in the Roman Maison’s ateliers in Italy, and finished with 18 kt gold buckles. A cyborg attitude and Greek echoes perfectly meet together in Policromia, blending tradition and innovation, values dear to FENDI, while attracting with its vibes a self-confident woman looking for the highest sophistication.

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