PHILIPP PLEIN SS2016 Women Collection

 PHILIPP PLEIN SS2016 Women Collection continues his high-octane odyssey into the world of hip-rock, a modern day fusion of hip hop, heavy-metal, rock and rap that takes its genesis in the punk scene.

The woman this season is bold, brash, and fearless, but the individualist core of punk gives her a cooler, edgier look.

Studded booties are flat, vintage jackets are borrowed from the boys, and new sunglasses from Philipp Plein’s first eyewear collection are cut in classic aviator shapes in mirrored lenses.

The pitch black and shiny silver clothes are showered in urban, yet rich embellishment.

A kaleidoscope of silver metal studs in circle, square and triangular forms clusters over jacket shoulders, down dresses and on heavily knitted breast plates.

The mood comes from the street, but the clothes hail from a more luxurious place.

Metal knit chain-mail dresses are as soft as silk, molded coq feathered skirts recall tutus, crystal cages create new dress straps, leather tops and skirts have been sliced into micro ribbons and showered in a trail of suede. 

The show unfolds in another Plein-dreamt, fantasy setting. This time, it is the machines who take control of fashion as robots usher out models in a conveyor-belt, dressing them and allowing the looks to be customizable.

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