BALLY AW2016/17 Ad Campaign

 Continuing Design Director Pablo Coppola’s modern vision for the brand, Bally collaborates with up and coming London-based photographer Jack Davison to create a powerful interpretation of eccentric youth. ’What drew me to Jack's work was his ability to capture intimacy in his portraits, there is real emotion there. For the AW2016 campaign, I wanted to take a new approach [a diverse cast of multiple models] by highlighting the personality of a group. This gang is composed of different types: from a star like Guinevere or a new comer like Ina; Jack zeroed in on each of them and captured their essence. He created a series of shots that at first glance seem disparate but with more reflection, they are unified in their spirit, which exemplifies the current mood at Bally for the season and beyond,’ says Coppola. Coppola and Davison naturally came together over their shared hands-on approach. ‘I’m very spur-of-the-moment; I much prefer going in and letting instinct take over’, says Davison of his improvisational style which enables him to create something unexpected. This contemporary dynamism is brought to life on eight models from different generations. The renowned Guinevere Van Seenus is joined by 17 year-old Finnlay Davis and 15 year-old Dutch model Ina Maribo Jensen. Shot in London at the Sunbeam Studios, styled by Jonathan Kaye and art directed by Franck Durand, the shoot captures the very essence of an artist’s studio vibe and eccentric lifestyle in the 1970s. The campaign breaks in the Autumn Winter issue of LOVE on July 25 and in key fashion and lifestyles titles globally in September, alongside a robust digital and social media campaign.

Design Director:
Pablo Coppola

Art Director:
 Franck Durrand

Jack Davison

Jonathan Kaye

Eugene Souleiman

 Lauren Parsons

 Jenny Longworth

Set Designer:
 Andrea Cellerino

Casting Director:
Barbara Nicoli

Finnlay Davis
Guinevere van Seenus
Julie Hoomans
Ina Maribo Jensen
Max Barczak
Nicole Atieno
Thibaud Charon
Wang Chenming

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