Sonia Rykiel @ SS2014 Fashion Presentation

Sonia Rykiel SS2014 Collection steps out breezy and brash on the city’s springtime streets. A clean and easy take on the eternal Rykiel wit and dash, this wardrobe is lighthearted and sophisticated. Knits (bien sûr) take center stage… sweater dressing comes in a colorful bow intarsia, cheerful golf sweaters and slinky dresses with pleated skirts. There are Rykiel’s redux classics like striped twin sets paired with comfy trousers or flared skirts. Colourful irreverences that are smartly engineered and crafted.

There is also the play on her masculine side, though for this role she’s more flirtatious than making a studied statement. Boyish shapes get feminized with decorative bits, and ultra-modern “Milano” knit jackets paired with Prince of Wales check trousers in greyish tones stand out on well-trodden city walkways.

A smooth hand prevails over textured surfaces. Clean and cool fabrications like viscose and cotton come to the springtime fore. The tonic color palette is an assortment of pink, mint and yellow sorbets... sophisticated saccharine. Lovebirds flit from knit intarsias to embroidered t-shirts: TOGETHER FOREVER!

Bowling bags in coordinating colors finish the looks. Or, she might sling an oversized, quilted backpack in bold stripes over her shoulder… a touch of charm for a humdrum day. Platform shoes invite the Rykiel woman to rise “insouciante” above the rest. The new Rykiel allure is sensorial rather than anecdotal. It is light and easy in spirit: an effortless and charming dialogue.

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