Jet 8 By S.T. Dupont Global First Launch @ Harvey Nichols

With nearly 140 years of French Handcrafted Excellence for the Elite, S.T.Dupont symbolizes Parisian touch and assertive allure, and is the epitome of French class. S.T.Dupont has maintained its position as a privileged partner of not only Presidents and other great Elite, but also of those who appreciate beauty and the French Art de Vivre in Parisian fashion style in daring, fresh and colourful presentation.
The JET 8 concept celebrates urban and contemporary lifestyles without limits: daring, fresh and colourful. Inspired by the 7 shades of the rainbow, “8“ reflects the brand’s own strong personality.
 The JET 8 universe is a subtle mix of sophistication and creativity, which charms and attracts through one's imagination and the interaction of colours. It has set its sights on a younger audience with an eye for fashion and a desire to make every day a day to remember. JET 8 also appeals to fashionable jet-setters who value timeless products which define their elegant lifestyles.

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