《EST-OUEST @ 2011 Autumn Hong Kong Auction》

Est Ouest, the oldest auction house in Japan will present its seventh auction sales in Hong Kong at the Ballroom of JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong from 28th to 29th November, featuring over 700 pieces of exquisite fine art works and luxuries covering western modern art, contemporary art, decorative art, oriental art, collectible watches and fine jewelries, which the estimated total value is about HKD 81,000,000. This season, the highlight will undoubtedly go to the oil painting, Concetto Spaziale by LUCIO FONTANA (with estimate at HKD 13,000,000). LUCIO FONTANA is one of the most famous Spatialisme and Arte povera artists. By using cheap materials, Arte Povera, which means everybody in this world has the equal right to do art creations, no matter you are poor or rich. Other highlights lot are also a collection of museum graded works collected by a museum director of a famous museum in Tokyo, whichincludes FOUJITA Leonard-Tsuguharu’s Mother, Child and Cat, Del Campo Federico’s Venice, LEGAT Leon’s French Farmyard, to name a few, and other famous fine arts works created by European masters of the 19th Century, appearing in the auction market for the first time.
Est-Ouest Auctions is acclaimed for its vision and ability of presenting some unique and rare pieces to connoisseurs around the world. In this season, a series of fine pure gold figures which are extremely rare in the market will be under hammer. ISHIKAWA Kouichi’s tea pots and Buddhist figures are perhaps the most attractive works. Prices of this fine pure gold collection are calculated based on the gold value in the market and weight, which also means a truly value adding investment. During these years, art and rare wine markets have been flourishing in Hong Kong. With China’s growing economy, the demand of luxurious goods well continuously rise.
M: Mylifestylenews
T: Takeshi Seki ~ Preseident of EST-QUEST Auction

M: Why do you think Hong Kong is a potential market?
T: The geographic location, it is approximately 3 hours away from the major city in Asia like Tokyo, Singapore. Hong Kong's duty free port makes our logistic easier and its financial stability also helps us to build confident for doing auction here.

M: Tell us about your U-33 project
T: Since its foundation in 1984, Est-Ouest Auctions Co., Ltd. has operated many auctions and played important role as an oldest auction house in Japan. Especially in the field of Art-Nouveau and Art-Déco, Est-Ouest Auctions is acknowledged as an authority worldwide and more recently has received high recognition for Post-War & Contemporary Art field. We try to create a platform mainly for talented young artists, to let them have a channel to showcase and display their work. As we are certain that many of these young artists have a lot of their own thinking and message that they wish to share with other people who appreciate their work. We like to show our support to them and also to create a talking-point of their work.

Est-Ouest Auctions and Preview 2011 Autumn Sale Hong Kong will be held at the Ballroom of JW Marriott Hong Kong.
Preview 27-28 Nov 2011(Sun to Mon) 11am-8pm
Decorative Arts, Jewellery & Watches 28 Nov 2011 (Mon) 3pm-6pm (TBC)
Fine & Rare Wines 29 Nov 2011 (Tues) 4pm
Contemporary & Fine Art 29 Nov 2011 (Tues) 6pm
For details, visit www.est-ouest.co.jp

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