Gérard Rancinan Debut Exhibition @ Hong Kong

Rancinan’s debut exhibition in Hong Kong and Asia features a selection of 30 photographs from his trilogy series – Metamorphoses, Hypotheses and Wonderful World – as well as some world famous Portraits. Born in the Bordeaux region, Gérard Rancinan travels the globe, bearing first hand witness to events of historical importance. Natural catastrophes, civil and ethnic wars, and urban riots... he comes face to face with the complexity of the human condition and the random events by which it is fashioned. His imperious need for self- expression leads him to focus on the world’s most important issues; he delivers startling images filtered through an ever-evolving aesthetic prism.
The exhibition has already been showcased at Opera Gallery in Geneva, Paris and London, and will also go to Singapore and Seoul in early 2012. Rancinan’s trilogy series will make its final stop in Italy where it will be exhibited in its entirety for the first time in the world at the very prestigious museum Triennale di Milano in May 2012 with "Trilogy of the Moderns". Metamorphoses, a series of larger-than-life photos, is the artist’s testimonial of the mutations shaking our world today. Inspired by artistic masterpieces, Rancinan revisits mankind’s most ancient and significant interrogations, and realizes how important these issues remain today.
With his unique and vivid genius, Rancinan presents a subjective and yet strongly symbolic report on the planet’s most profound questions against a backdrop of accelerated globalisation: ecology, migration, emancipation of the oppressed, freedom and basic human rights, starvation and fast-food. Other series on display include Hypotheses and the brand new Wonderful world that depict the world as a “big amusement park”.
The exhibition will also feature some of Rancinan’s most exquisite Portraits of famous artists. From Yan Pei Ming to Paul McCarthy, Rancinan plunged head-first into the creative universe of each of these talented artists, and the result is a veritable communion of breath-taking “portrait-performances” that reveal parts of each person’s soul as well as their force and their humanity. Exhibition ends 1st December 2011 at Opera Gallley Hong Kong.


  1. Amazing show, it's so great to have such a body of solid quality and creative works in Hong Kong. Really want have a piece at home!! So cool.

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