Collection Première Cartier Eyewear x Sammi Cheng

The new Collection Première Cartier freezes the frame on eyeglasses for the pleasure of zooming in on their sober elegance, tinted with irresistible seduction. The collection offers partners in style and allure for him and for her. Primarily a range of optical eyewear, the fatally smart, sophisticated frames have been crafted to enchant lenses everywhere. It is a “première” collection because it is the first time Cartier uses acetate in its optical eyewear range. Acetate is a natural and manufactured material that owes its unique depth, lustre and sheen to the expertise of master opticians. The high-quality, traditional, artisanal craftsmanship that characterises these unicoloured or graded frames is enhanced by decor with a platinum and golden or ruthenium finish.
“Première” because of its simple rectangular, butterfly or pantos shapes, which revisit the sixties look with the discreet luxury of temples marked by tubular piston hinges. Three pins marking the frames at three points reflect the best of masculine and feminine elegance, for an aura with a twist of freedom. “Première” because of the excellence of its fine details, such as the integrated flexible hinges and graded colours that move from light grey to dark grey, from blonde to brown, and from light purple to plum. And finally, “première” because of the perfect harmony it strikes between elegance and freedom, precision and improvisation.

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