《6 Minutes @ Stuart Vevers》

LOEWE's Creative Director Stuart Vevers, the man who gives the luxurious brand a new image brought his latest collection to Hong Kong 18 days after the Paris runway presentation told mylifestylenews his first official visit to Hong Kong's on how an English's eyes sees in a Spanish brand that is more than 165 years inspires his work everyday......

M: mylifestylenews
S: Stuart Vevers

M: 26th July 2007, how did that day change your life in your career advancement?
S: Ah-ha...That day! That was the day my name was announced as I will be taking a new role as a Creative Director for Loewe before leaving Mulberry. I had that offer in January 2007 and the next 6 months, my mixed feelings (sad to leave Mulberry and excited for Loewe's new adventure) was a little interrupting, I know that I will have to move to Madrid for the new role as for an Englishman, I was very excited for the move, and also knowing that Loewe is ready to make changes to another operational direction, we both have the same thoughts towards what we would like to achieve by emphasizing what Loewe do best - the leather goods, to make it one of the most desirable handbags. It was indeed a new exciting move and such a pleasure to share what the brand stands for today with more and more people showing their appreciation of our luxury and refinement.

M:What are you working on lately?
S: This present runway show. We had just finished it 18 days ago in Paris and now we are moving the full runway show to Hong Kong. It is important to let our customers know more about our brand heritage and quality in leather good design and production. I am interested to see how the responds would bring.

M: Is there anyone that you would like to have a collaboration with?
S: Interestingly, Spanish artists like Antonio B. (I can't remember the exact name), Peter Marino, of course, can't wait to see his work. I like to work with people or style icons that are inspiring, knowing the balance but yet with some tension, people that are straight forward, with interaction, focus and consistent. To understand the combination of the brand's heritage archive and the contemporary craftsmanship as well as people that are always ready to change and move forward. People that shows respect towards what you do and help you to push things further.

M: What would you like to achieve in fashion design?
S: Fashion is fun, it changes all the time, embrace every moment of it. You must be ready and prepare to change, always look ahead, be ambitious.

M: Describe your own style
S: Pretty much straight forward, classic, functional, comfort and affordable. I am trying to buy what I can afford and buy less now as I prefer to have things that with good quality that last longer. I also like my jeans with other mix and match from what I had. Then comes with a matching Loewe bag, something simple yet classy and sophisticated.

M: What is your ideal living lifestyle?
S: Work is my life! I am passionate about my work and it brings me lots of pleasure, I often work 10-12 hours a day and I put myself in it and I am in fact living it. Guess that is my ideal living lifestyle at this present time.



* Special thanks to Loewe HK @ the interview arrangement.

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