《Mon Dupont Collection @ Karl Lagerfeld》

S.T.Dupont in collaboration with the world’s renowned fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld to create a glamorous collection of pens and lighters namely “Mon Dupont”. Behind this sublime collection, the fan shape design is an inspiration of his personal penchant and the collection is presented in glossy red and black lacquer colors.
A bottle in the shape of a fan was the inspiration behind this sublime collection of pens and lighters. Two straight lines and one curved line can be perceived when looking at the objects from above; the rounded corners ensure ergonomics without compromising on the size of large classic pens. A cabochon effect is recreated for the stone set on the clip, while a certain sense of roundness is also maintained. The gem must be mounted on the rounded side of the pen, ensuring that the top of the pen is flat. With their highly unusual design, the creation of these objects - a fountain pen, a rollerball pen and a ballpoint pen - represents a real technical feat. This triangular shape feels very pleasant between the fingers. The correct way of holding the pen is by the straight parts.
The sketches have been created using a pen nib and nail varnish to faithfully reproduce the colour and lacquered appearance of the collection. Lacquering is a savoir-faire that remains dear to S.T.Dupont. The colour will be a variation of the pinky-red Lotus red, a hue that will also be used for the lighter. The overall shape must ensure that the pen does not roll and remains in place.The fan shape is a common source of inspiration for the pieces in this collection. The lighter must present the same asymmetrical triangular design with bevelled corners. It is also possible to produce a two-tone or pinky-red version... 

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