《Sleepwalker In 3D 夢遊》

Undeniably, it is one of the worst Oxide Pang's horror movies. The entire film had been re-dubbed in Cantonese in a very poor way and the story is unbelievably boring with not much of a substance comparing to his previous horror films a couple of years back. The acting is merely unacceptable even the "Queen of Ghost" who won her the best actress is rather disappointing and pretentiously and poorly executed. A return of that awards is not difficult on a request, at least the respect on giving that awards needs no further recognition. A poor screenplay kills the entire "brand" on Pang's best held horror genre and a 3D is absolutely unnecessary, that is the end of it. In fact a waste of the resources and thinking of making a big bucks in return. You miss nothing at all for not watching this movie, not even saving you a few bucks but most importantly nearly 2 hours being used more wisely.

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