《45R Opens @ Leighton Centre》

45R opened its new store in Leighton Centre, Causeway Bay recently. The brand originated from Japan and has been synonymous with delicate craftsmanship and genuineness. Its jeans collection is both an established eternal classic for its sophisticated washes as well as an art piece to the connoisseurs of jeans and Japan fashion. Established in 1977, 45rpm Studio Co., Ltd. (the mastermind behind 45R) has been meticulously committed to producing tasteful, rugged and refined garments that swiftly become a part of our daily life. “Each piece feels like an old favorite from the very first time it is worn. Similar to the Japanese tradition of mothers passing their “kimono” to their children, our clothing is of such quality that can be passed on from generation to generation.” said Mr. Shinji Takahashi, President of 45rpm.
Echoing with 45R’s genuine image, the new store adopts a massive use of different kinds of wood to deliver a serene yet welcoming atmosphere. Interior of the store is a harmonious combination of youthful Japanese wood, with a horizontal giant “45R” logo boldly affirm its presence and impress everyone entering the shop. Other than the signature jeans and tee collection, the brand new concept store also offer a wide range of selection for both men and women, from scarves, ladies’ blouses, tartan shirts to down jackets and cardigans with delicate details.
With the adoption of the natural Indigo dyeing technique, the washes of the notable 45R jeans distinguish itself as a lifelong treasure – time flies and the color of each pair of jeans emerge its unique vintage beauty, the secret of 45R. The energetic and charismatic character of 45R jeans is one of a few that can exceed the restriction of time and ever-changing trends.

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