《Get Wrapped This X'mas @ G.H. MUMM 》

All the best Christmas gifts coming perfectly wrapped – and so this year, G.H. Mumm has given its iconic Cordon Rouge Champagne the most perfect wrapper it could have. Renowned designer Patrick Jouin created the stylish and beautiful Georges ice bucket and champagne jacket as a tribute to the House’s founder, Georges Hermann Mumm. It was Mumm himself, in 1875, who first had the idea of individually dressing each precious bottle of Cordon Rouge, and his brainwave gets its perfect expression in the designs named in his honour. The Georges ice bucket and champagne jacket, with designs that incorporate the famous red sash or Corden Rouge from which the brand takes its name, are typical of the work of Jouin: sleek and minimal yet warm and enveloping, stylish and fun at the same time.  

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