《LOEWE @ 2011 Holiday Collection》

LOEWE collaborates with illustrator Gary card once again to create the animated window displays for the winter holiday season with another specially commissioned creative project. This year's theme is the world of magic and the circus, and following the success of their collaboration last Christmas. The branded Loewe carded were used by Gary to package its products and treated them like building blocks to create lions, jack-in-the-box clown, elephants, rabbits popping out of top hats, bow-tie magicians and assistants being sawn in two. The theme evoke a nostalgia for childhood entertainment, and the models' boxy simplicity harks back to the sort of toys you might have received as young child at Christmas.
These display will be appearing in the rest of Loewe's stores worldwide until early January 2012. It's time to get back some of your great childhood memories, be childish, be merry!!!

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