Warriors Of The Rainbow: Seediq Bale 賽德克。巴萊~太陽旗

It is no doubt one of the most expensive productions in Taiwan ever and with 10 years of preparation. It worth the wait for the director Wei De Sheng's hard work and support from his fellow crew and friends/investor to pumped in money to finance such a serious yet hearty movie. We dislike the local media over-rated it as the Chinese Avatar which is totally irrelevant, come on guys, open your eyes and accept the new adventure and support your own nations. This film is full of action and mind you, the Japanese in the films didn't show much of their notorious side but it was what it was for the invasion. The vengeance is fears and the Seeqig Bale deserve to have their land back. A very well planned plots for the next sequel which will be release in less than 2 weeks, so fans could thirst their quenches to find out more for the next development. Great acting with hundreds of side casts, this film is based on a true story to fight with their live for civilization even there were internal wars in between their own nations. This serious production had our hats off especially for the Asia film production which had put in so much effort to make it work. A well deserved award winning film. We shall see the fate how it goes!!! Another thing we must highlight is there isn't any English subtitle for this film in Hong Kong, movie puffs who doesn't understand Chinese or our western friends who would like to watch this film, proper aids shall be provided.

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