《Holiday's Scent & Sense》

It’s Christmas and there’s joy in the air. The holidays are, in a sense, our reward for getting through the year; whether it’s been good, bad or just plain strange. However, there is one small catch: getting gifts for your loved ones can be downright stressful. Relationships can range in intensity, from acquaintance to colleague to family to significant other. But knowing how to gift is a skill all of its own. In fact, 70% of shoppers actively look for information on gifts before purchasing, during key consumption periods. One category of gift that is largely overlooked in Asia is fine fragrance. The world of fine fragrance is still a mysterious one which few of us get intimate with. It is full of different ingredients whose beautiful aromas are expertly blended to create the thousands of luxurious perfumes sold year round, particularly during the holiday season. Start selecting fragrance for "the One" now.

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