It is simply provocative, powerful and intense, it begins very well and end with brutal violence, pretty straight forward. You may not like it if you think this is a movie about car racing, mind you, do your homework before you come for this film and get settle in. This is one of a kind movie that needs mature audience but not for couple come to the movie and laugh about it. Sorry guys, wrong genre you have picked and best to same your bucks if you think that way. Well written script and once again one of a kind execution by Nicolas Winding Refn brought this action thriller to a man who drive for movie production by day and a gateway driver for armed robberies by night whose has no background history and no identity to another level of suspense. Albert Brooks vs Ryan Grosling's acting are simply phenomenal, acting with body language is one of the hardest ways to express the character's emotion and they excel, less is more and it is just enough to thirst your quencher. Some jerks left the cinema and asked by his friend how did he think about the film. His answer was only in one word : Rubbish!, I was this close to go over and tell him : You are what you eat!. Got it?!

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