《AUDEMARS PIGUET @ Millenary 4101》

In festivals filled with love and surprises, the Millenary 4101 timepiece is undoubtedly the perfect gift you have been searching for this Christmas and New Year. In the year of 2011, the watchmakers from Le Brassus have accomplished yet another feat – the Millenary 4101, equipped with the entirely in-house produced Calibre 4101, allows you to wear the movement on your wrist! This fascinating three-dimensional and high-tech structure is staged within the perimeter of the signature oval case, extracting the fine mechanism from the cavity of its case to reveal it in all its splendour, thereby fulfilling the dreams of all watchmaking devotees and those who desire for high-quality products. Calibre 4101, entirely designed, developed and produced in-house, was built in such a way that the elements normally concealed on the back are now visible from the front. The regulating organ – composed of the balance, lever and escapement – has been reworked in order to meet this goal. It is located at 9 o’clock and offers a truly eye-catching sight. Its variable-inertia balance asserts a powerful presence with its eight inertia-blocks, its golden colour and the distinctive aesthetic of its cross-through bridge. The discerning eye will even detect the lever and the escape-wheel. The heart of the movement is a variable-inertia balance with eight white gold inertia-weights that ensures improved long-term rating stability. Equipped with a Breguet balance-spring, it beats at an oscillation frequency of 4 Hz, meaning 28,800 vibrations per hour. This oscillation frequency, along with the higher inertia of the balance, improves the timing precision and also makes the regulating organ less sensitive to external disturbing factors. The cross-through balance-bridge ensures improved shock resistance due to the fact that it is secured not just on one side, but on either side of the mainplate. Hand-decorated and assembled in the Le Brassus workshops, Calibre 4101 boasts exceptionally high-quality execution and finishing.

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