《LET'S GO 保衛戰隊之出動喇!朋友!》

It is about righteousness, justice and Vengeance as in the world that we live in, there are too little good guys but too many bad guys. A hero existence is necessary to protect the one indeed, with no exception to the real world that we all live in. Every child has a hero in their heart, especially has their own father to look up to.The film is mainly based on the Japanese cartoon and comic hero that they have the right to protect the world and at least to fight for justice. A very well executed film with lots of sentimental value about family relation and a slight black humour. Several retired or semi retired actors can be seen in this film which become one of the highlights plus the action is rather entertaining. The art of violence was beautified, feel the power of righteousness as you have to believe there is a hero live in us.

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