《RADO True Thinline x Rene Liu》

RADO, renowned for its innovative design and its creativity in adopting new materials, has been a pioneer in the watchmaking industry since its establishment in 1957. Driven by its motto of Unlimited Spirit, RADO has broken down more apparent barriers of technical impossibility to create the world’s thinnest high-tech ceramic watch, RADO True Thinline. “Be True. Be Unlimited. Be RADO.”, the record-breaking RADO True Thinline pulling a great crowd at the renowned heritage building, The Bethanie with media comes from South East Asia. 
 Weighing just 38 grams and with a thickness of as little as 4.9 millimetres, featuring a movement with a thickness of 1 millimetre, the RADO True Thinline is the thinnest high-tech ceramic watch in the world that perfectly complements to the slender female wrist. Either in black or white, comprises 20 model variations to match-make individual preferences that appreciate elegant telling of time. The presentation created a major sensation while the excitement was further enhanced with the appearance of Ms Rene Liu, the Global Ambassador of RADO, in which she shared her delight in witnessing the birth of such a significant invention in the watchmaking world.
Rene Liu, the Global Ambassador of RADO, said, “The newly-launched RADO True Thinline is just like the second skin that tells the time. Its avant-garde case houses a movement that is as thin as a credit card, manifesting RADO’ expertise in developing magnificent watch creations that feature exclusive technology and aesthetics. The happy problem that I am facing now is that it is hard to make my decision among the 20 model variations that are just as attractive as one another.”
Matthias Breschan, CEO of RADO, said, “Driven by our Unlimited Spirit, RADO has never ceased to stun the world with products of unparalleled quality. As the pioneer in the watchmaking industry, we are delighted to present to the world another milestone we have established today: the world’s thinnest high-tech ceramic watch, RADO True Thinline, which manifests our core values of being visionary, innovative and iconic, turning a new page in the watchmaking history.” A Gala Dinner was held later to celebrate the official unveiling of the world thinnest high-tech ceramic True Thinline watch.

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