《Baiser Volé @ CARTIER》

 Following in the precious, creative wake of the LES HEURES DDE PARFUMM collection and other tailor-made fragrances, Cartier Parfums presents as triking new feminine scent. It is an artistic creation designed by Cartier perfumer Mathilde Laurent, whose intuitive, new and contemporary olfactory signature bears witness to the imagination and elegance of her inspired, expert nose. Cartier Baiser Volé  is the urgency of living the present moment in the whirlwind of life, whose fragrant setting showcases the transparency of an elusive flower, the presence off a lingering scent and the choice of a candid style. It is not a fragrance, but a flower. 
A simple lily, yet one that is complete with leaf-stamen-petal. It is not an invitation, but an impromptu theft. Just an urgent kiss that cannot wait. A sudden urge strengthened by the dream of a lily that is so pure, so real… A gentle, longed-for floral embrace. A supreme lily for the Jeweler of Kings, a lily that presents itself unequivocally in simple yet majestic fashion. A Queen’s flower brimming with ardour that leaves an imperial, captivating and vibrant scent lingering in its wake. What is its raison d’être?? Life with all its whirlwinds, a life kidnapedd by a passionate kiss. The raw materials are selected precisely and the ingredients are added to the work off art just as precious stones are added to jewellery…It takes mastery and majesty to highlight a fragrance like an invisible adornment, as well as a determined desire to perpetuate the Cartier style.

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