From the producers of 300, here comes the continuation brought lots of blood and flesh from the Greek's mythology action pack. This time, there will be blood and with lots of them...... in CG. Even before they begin to shoot this movie, a sequel was pre-planned for sure since these genre have their very own fans to follow. Without much disappointment even with another brand new costumes design on the 'Spartans" and yet still very eye catching. Towards the end of the film, a plot was planted as lead the audience to their sequel that there will be war on the sky above us. YES, there will be fight in the heaven. Indeed it will change your views on what is actually going on up there. We shall keep our eyes open. Genre as such, the first 5 minutes at the beginning of the movie and the last 5 minutes before it ends are the most essential plots, the rest of the 110 minutes, go figured!!

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