La Masion Du Chocolate @ Christmas 2011 Collection

Paris glistens, shines and illuminates us. This year, La Maison du Chocolat pays homage to the city of lights, offering an invitation to a gastronomically and visually enchanting feast. Under the impetus of Gilles Marchal, Creative Director of La Maison du Chocolat, the prestigious Parisian Chocolate house mesmerizes us with breathtaking chocolate creations. La Maison du Chocolat’s chocolatiers and artists extraordinaire once again exhibited the highest level of their talent and imagination, capturing the spirit of the Parisian holiday lights, and the finely worked architecture of the Eiffel Tower, to craft a wonderful Christmas collection with stunning Mendiant ornament and pendant, as well as the “Christmas in Paris” Gift Box. 
They opt for a Parisian tradition reinterpreted with a twist and offers a unique assortment of creations that plays on the contrasts of textures, mixing crackling with crunchy, and moistness with richness. The collection features figs from the sun-kissed Provence, adding sweetness and saltiness to festive dishes; apricots and Corinthe raisins sautéed in woodland honey, enriching the almond praline with hazelnut and walnut; and brut champagne, offering an effervescent note.

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