《6 Minutes @ Dino Modolo》

When someone has the passion towards something they do and like, their love emotion could stimulate the hormone and bring out their very best creativity and hidden talent in them. A man with substance and full of confident constantly searching for perfection, Dino Modolo, the Director of Creations for BEDAT & Cencouraged by his aspirations and needs, his hunger grows with the realisation of his ambition and the taste became passion. In his privileged environment, he fashions and elaborates the most prestigious pieces which are still the pride of great names of the high range of luxury watch making. Modolo shared his passion towards his present works and designs with mylifestylenews during his visit in Hong recently......

M: mylifestylenews
D: Dino Modolo

M: What get you started with watch making?
D: I chose the way inspired by the watchmaking metropolis: micromechanics, more precisely for the construction of movements at the end of my scholarship. Then I continued my training to become a micromechanics technician. I always wanted to become my own boss even when I was at the age of 20. I went to Cambridge, England working for a marketing company in 1979 and then Olivetti in Zurich. Not long after, I took up marketing study specialised in import & export of watch components. The work puts me in relation with HK, the US, Italy, Switzerland and Middle-East. In 1980, I went to Mainz in Germany where I was not only learn German but inspired by the closeness of romantic Rhin, I drew 300 sketches to find a purchaser. I even designed my own jewelry and started up Di Modolo, the brand at Soho, England in 1983. I could go on and on but the rest is history.

M: Your affialiation with BEDAT & Co
D: Long story short, I was still in contact with some leaders of the field from time to time especially Christian and Simone Bedat. We did a number of collection which gained many good responds and credits for each of the individual brand and company that I worked for until 2000, I made my dream come true: to accomplish myself by joining the group because of Christian and Simone Bedat, we did some important projects with Gucci Group, establishing a partnership in order to create and produce a jewellery line under his own label, while piloting – as the design director, brands includes Gucci, Boucheron, YSL and Bedat & Co, under the direction of Tom Ford.

M: Tell us more on other achievements
In 2001, my first creations of Dino Modolo are presented during the two biggest international events of the Jewellery and Watch making industry: Basel Fair and Las Vegas show. Those two manifestations  supported the official launch of the brand Di Modolo on the US territory and the creation of Di Modolo International Switzerland SA, with premises situated in the horological metropolis of La Chaux-de-Fonds, strategic site in the middle of the Jura region surnamed “the Watch Valley”. In 2005, GGW creates the position of Artistic Director and names Christian Bedat and we have a collaborations for the various brands of the Group. I left the GG in November 2009 to dedicate myself exclusively to BEDAT & Co and  design of high jewellery feminine timepieces. And here I am with an on and off relationship for 35 years with Bedat & Co now.

M: Is there anyone you like to work with?
D: I like to make connection with artists, people from all kind of designs field, help to understand the trend and which influence what we do. Also it is a kind of rejuvenation for me and yet somehow a contradiction when you get sudden ideas that could inspire you and lead you to a way that you may think that is not what you want. Bottom line is you have to believe in what you are doing.

M: What inspire you when you design a watch?
D: I am not really fishing for inspiration, you are what you are, for Bedat, first you need to clean the house and go back to the roots, be faithful to the brand and constantly searching for perfection with 100% Swiss made.

M: What is your ideal living lifestyle?
D: Being active. Privileging being to having. Being a part of this world and live your life fullest.

*Special thanks to ec square PR & Events @ the interview arrangement.

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