Frames Of Your Life @ New Giorgio Armani 2011/12 Eyewear

On 23rd June the Frames of Your Life travelling street initiative reached a successful climax amidst the prestigious surrounds of the Palais Royal in Paris. Launched at the end of 2010, the project has taken famous fashion bloggers and trendsetters - Micol Sabbadini, Tommy Ton and Yvan Rodic amongst them - on a meandering tour to the four corners of the globe, photographing everyday people on the streets of the world's major cities. Real faces that, just for a moment, have become interpreters of Giorgio Armani style. 
A selection of these images has formed the inspiration behind the new Giorgio Armani Eyewear 2011/12 advertising campaign.  In an innovative role reversal, the best shots taken during the tour have themselves become the campaign images. For once the message has changed, with the faces of everyday people taking the place of conventional images. Each campaign image is a composition of different snapshots, the faces are different as are the photographers themselves. They are arranged in grids resembling the pixels on a computer screen, or similar to the layout of a social networking site, all in black and white, for an enhanced pictorial effect. The result is a campaign of edgy iconographic vibrancy, close to the cut and thrust of life, through which Giorgio Armani has radically redefined its relationship with the public by actively involving them in this innovative project.  
Through an expression of movement and dynamism, the Frames of Your Life project will continue in 2012, evolving into new forms. The only constant is Giorgio Armani style, sophisticated and unmistakable. 

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