Zegna Iconic Triple Stitch Sneaker Takes Another Step Forward

Zegna iconic Triple Stitch Sneaker makes progressive strides forward with a contemporary new spectrum of colours and materials, now including a #UseTheExistingTM version. Reducing Zegna’s ecological footprint, this #UseTheExistingTM sneaker is the next step in Zegna’s legacy of sustainability and continual evolution. 
Encompassing the brand’s green vision for the future, the two leading paths of Zegna’s #UseTheExistingTM project are applied within this updated and new version of the Triple Stitch Sneaker featuring a soft wool upper made from recovered 14MILMIL14 fibres, threads, and fabrics from all phases of the production process.

#UseTheExistingTM is the brand evolutionary commitment and a guiding principle that encompasses all our efforts to upcycle the production process and that actually permeates all the brand’s collections. Launched by Artistic Director Alessandro Sartori with the Ermenegildo Zegna XXX Winter 2019 Collection, and developed with the expertise and innovation of Zegna Group’s textile division, #UseTheExistingTM represents Zegna's concrete pledge to reduce the final waste down to zero.

The new #UseTheExistingTM model joins Zegna’s global bestselling Triple Stitch sneaker collection. Designed for modern mindsets and multifaceted lifestyles, this sneaker is an enduring icon that combines style and versatility with a remarkably flexible and lightweight construction.

The newly envisioned #UseTheExistingTM wool version of the Triple Stitch Sneaker is available amongst a selection of elevated materials including soft suede, grained calf leather, deerskin and canvas, finished with signature elasticated straps, forming the iconic XXX logo, so it can conveniently slip on and off with ease. Effortlessly won with both tailored and casual outfits, this modern shoe is the definition of versatility and made for every moment.

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