DIESEL Presents GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS Title Holders Advertising Campaign

DIESEL presents a brand new campaign with a whole new kind of supermodel: GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title holders. In partnership with the feat-featuring group, DIESEL has cast an array of fresh talent, ranging from those with extraordinary physiques to others with rare yet impressive achievements. Through this collaboration, DIESEL explores provocation and fun, highlighting anti-conformism and turning it into an antidote against the status quo. In this campaign, DIESEL demonstrates: successful living is personal to everyone, and it comes in all forms, promoting joy via unexpected discovery and to emphasize that every single one of us, regardless of our skills and selves, is extraordinary.

Nine record holders and their stories are highlighted: Nick Stoeberl of California (US), with the world’s longest tongue at 10.1 centimeters; Maci Currin (US), with the world’s longest legs (female) at 135.27 centimeters (left) and 134.3 centimeters (right); Samantha Ramsdell (US), with the world’s largest mouth gape (female) at 6.52 centimeters; Joseph Grisamore (US), with the world’s tallest hair spike at 129.4 centimeters; Gary Duschl (US), with the longest gum wrapper chain at 32,555,68 meters; Jason Barnes (US), with the most drumbeats in one minute using a drumstick prosthetic at 2,400; Edward Niño Hernandez (Colombia), the shortest man living (mobile) at 72.1 centimetres tall; Maria José Cristerna (Mexico), with the most body modifications on a female at 49 modifications; James Brown (UK) with the largest collection of vacuum cleaners consisting of 322 models.

The visuals and videos produced highlight their record breaking achievements by showcasing their uniqueness, talents and stories. Of course, they are all wearing DIESEL, but the visual focus is on what makes each person incredible.

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