For this new edition of the festival of Hyères, Tom Van Der Borght presented his new collection "Time for love". The clothing becomes a living metaphor of the connection between humans.

After winning the 35th edition of the Hyères festival, Tom sought to make a transition between his two collections! Last year, his universe was the essence of his inspiration, a kind of "take it or leave it".

For this new season, Tom is less frontal and invites us to enter his universe while making it wearable through pieces with more ready to wear cuts. In the collection, you will see a lot of pearls, likes earrings attached to the clothes, patched peaches on the green and purple look.

On one hand we find his love for sportwear and on the other hand his love for delicate materials and details. To keep this sense of details, Tom has collaborated with Maison Lesage, Hubert Barrere, House of Paloma and Maison Michel. 

Tom creates an important hat collection to share a message: the hats are an answer to the Covid situation. Rather than covering the mouth, the eyes are covered. For instance, you can find the iconic double hat on look 14 which was a first in terms of realization for Maison Michel.

Tom is considering sustainability as a responsibility that we have to take, it is something that has to come from the inside. Tom is not working on seasons and gender. He will not decide who will wear his clothes. So he prefers to create a lasting piece that you will wear for a long time.

New luxury is the future of luxury.

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