PRADA JOURNAL Inner Landscape

On a unique and experimental virtual platform, 5 testimonials, 75 contributors and 267 selected Prada Journalists shared their own Inner Landscape. A story built on day by day thanks to the contribution of artists and creative talents from around the world. Davide Monteleone, Mimi Xu and Margaret Zhang, testimonials of the project, chose the three winners in the competition categories of the fourth edition of Prada Journal: Giorgia Ascolani (video), Isabella Giambitto (image) and Nadya Zakharova (gallery). The Prada Journal eyewear collection, created in collaboration with Luxottica, became once again the key tool to explore emotional geographies and express the bond between one's inner world and reality, re-elaborating it through images and the written word. Optical frames were a privileged channel and a window to our inner universe, simultaneously producing a plural, collective reflection. All information is available at prada.com/pradajournal

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