Ray-Ban Reinvented The Icons & Their Evolving Identity

Ever since the creation of the Aviator eighty years ago, Ray-Ban has constantly reimagined and reinvented its iconic products, breaking new ground to keep their frames and lenses on the cutting edge of technology and style. With the Icons Reinvented campaign, we celebrate the evolution of Ray-Ban’s most iconic frames. Because a true inventor never stops.

Ray-Ban Aviator Classic – RB3025
This frame became an icon of style and design, and the model that signaled the birth of a timeless legend. The Ray-Ban Aviator has gradually earned its place as an essential fashion accessory for men and women. The classic shiny Arista golden metal profiles, classic acetate temple tips and G15 green crystal lenses of the original Ray-Ban Aviator offer a unique expression of Ray-Ban’s inimitable DNA style that needs little explanation – absolute style, premium materials and essential protection & comfort that guarantee a star quality unisex aesthetic.

Ray-Ban Shooter - RB3138
Authentic design and classic colors define the iconic look of the Ray-Ban Shooter – cool, functional quality made for true style hunters. The inimitable shape and fine profiles of the original Shooter return; the Aviators curved bridge is replaced with a ring said to be used to hold the hunter’s cigarette, freeing his hands for his gun. The Ray-Ban Shooter comes in fine golden Arista metal with a distinctive havana acetate detail on the upper bridge for light, resilient frames with a high quality finish and masculine appeal.

Ray-Ban Leather Craft - RB3422Q
Ray-Ban Craft is a celebration of craftsmanship, an important and valuable element in the history of Ray-Ban. Inspired by the Aviator Outdoorsman Classic, Outdoorsman Craft has similar iconic features, but is crafted with genuine deer leather as well as other carefully handcrafted touches. These truly unique sunglasses feature a handstitched leather brow bar as well as leather temple pads that you won’t find on any other sunglass style. Available with iconic G15 green lenses, Classic brown lenses and yellow Ambermatic lenses.

Ray-Ban Aviator Evolve - RB3025
The master of lens technology evolves high-flying style into a new world of color – welcome to Evolve! This cult metal shape sets it focus on the dials of contemporary style with classic gold, silver or high definition black metal rims and innovative light sensitive shades that change color in the light. Flaunting superior UV400 filters, iconic green or brown and on-trend blue and yellow lenses in varying densities are matched to iconic metal tones and modern black frames for a trend-right selection.

Ray-Ban Aviator Blaze - RB3584N
Cutting-edge style and unbreakable spirit redefine the icon of icons – the Aviator is back in Blaze! Featuring a steel front and bold upper bridge, the original pilot shape gets a boost with an innovative rimless flat lens-over-frame construction featuring G-15, gradient and electric mirror shades on classic gold, silver, demi-gloss black and gunmetal frames for a high-energy profile that shouts fun with attitude!

Ray-Ban Aviator Optical - RX6489
Super fine color profiling revamps the profile of optical eyewear with an inimitable Ray-Ban full metal shape: the Aviator optical – a trendsetting icon. Available in total gold, silver and light brown as well as in unique colorways: exclusive color rims enrich the visual concept of this one-of-a-kind design, giving timeless silver or gold frames contemporary Havana, black or blue accents for high-definition style.


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