Agnès b. Femme AW2017/18 Collection

Agnès b. Femme AW2017/18 Collection is punctuated with looks making reference to the famous Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer. Being one of the best painters during the Dutch Golden Age, Vermeer is renowned for his treatment and use of color and light. He particularly loves using the vibrant yellow and electric blue in his work. One of his well-known masterpieces is the ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’. We tried to put the features of Vermeer’s works to contemporary fashion design. Taking in different moods and occasional needs, 7 collections are created with vibrant colors and a vintage touch.

Named after the famous Dutch painter, Johannes Vermeer, this collection is filled with the 17 century European artistic style. Playing with different shades of grey with a little help from off-white and black, we embellished the pieces with the prints of lively animal patterns and photos taken by Agnes. With the technique of jacquard for stitching and weaving, the designers were even able to put the image of an old engraving from Agnès to some of the pieces in the collection, making them a wearable art. This collection is created again with soft fabric materials including cashmere, alpaca, fine woolen garments, etc. for enhanced comfort.

Agnès loves music that you may always see the trace of music elements appears in her product lines. This collection, again, designed with inspiration from music, to create a style of chic and rock with mainly black and a touch of blue. This collection shows a strong contrast in material, by matching shiny black leather and comfy cotton or merino knitwear together. Spotted on are the pants from the collection including leather pants, outfit coat-pants with the waistline emphasized by belts. Paying tribute to Johannes Vermeer is a leather Capri pant matching with a romantic shirt that featured with 18th century fashion elements - a flowing sleeves and corset. A series of long dresses with refined necklines in monochrome are also designed to pay tribute to Vermeer.

To bring inspiration and freshness to the brand, the fashion show of Agnès b. invites a stylist to play a role in designing a mini collection every year. This season, Agnès b. has invited the costume designer, Anne Blanchard, to the show. As her first attempt in designing contemporary fashion items, Anne mixed the features of costume design into her mini collection. As a pleasant surprise, the vivid colors with bold cutting works perfectly on her first attempt of fashion design. One of signature look used a yellow belt to highlight the waistline out of a total look in subtle turquoise and burgundy colors. Another look that stood out from the collection highlighted the ankles with yellow stocking out of an orange femme set. Anne has not just showed her talent on using colors in contrast to highlight beautiful body curves in this collection, she has also brought a sense of modern trendiness to the everyday outfits.

This sober and elegant collection of feminine sets are carried in total monochrome looks with a touch of navy blue, bottle green and burgundy. These subtle colors however, are lighten up by making use of fine and fluid gabardine, leather and fake leather, these soft but shiny fabrics together with the flowing cutting. These feminine sets are mainly composited by single breasted coat and a flowing long skirt, a jupe-culotte or a wide leg pants. Some of the pieces were infused with details including damasks, Japanese weaved panels and Agnès's digital photos. Instilled with multiculture in diversified texture, this collection is rather chic in a hippy style. Taking reference from the use of colors in the work of Johannes Vermeer, this collection features a lot of vibrant yellow, blue, with a touch of red, green, purple and also blood-orange colors to remind you about the joyful autumn. We utilized different kinds of fabrics including leather of veal, light tweed and jersey “Rachel”, together with the boldly used colors, gave a splash of vitality to the collection. For cutting, you may find the some features standing out from the collection like the square low neckline, and the fluid and long skirts which let the ankles be spotted on. A symbolic piece from the collection - A vivid blood-orange colored pullover Bahia jacquard with the drawing inspired from Moroccan craft patterns, has fully demonstrated how multicultural works on fashion.

Again, playing with multiculture, this collection makes a huge different from the Multicultural 1 collection on color tone and style. Colored with different shades of black and grey, mixed with brown and beige and a highlight with the shiny ‘lurex’, the collection is trendy yet causal and comfortable. Selecting fluffy and soft materials like felted wool, sheepskin, alpaca, light tweed, with a dash of over-dyed corduroy and cotton, this collection brings a comfort touch to skin. The carefully selected fabric decorated with the subtle ethnic patterns, brings a spotlighted details to this simple but stylish collection. Features on cutting including short pants, jupe-culotte to enhance the curve of ankles, and the ¾ sleeves sweater to allow the long sleeve wearing inside to be shown for a layered look.

With the same rock and roll element, this collection is rather vibrant and colourful. A lot of photos taken by Agnes are featured in this collection by fabric printing on white polyester. Polyester does not only allow vibrant image printing, it’s also a sign of comfort and practicality. In this way, the filament is very elastic, making it non-wrinkle. Most of the photos selected shows vibrant lights in the night, which highlighted the lively side of the rock and roll style. The cutting, again, highlights the curve of legs and ankles by fitted skirts or dresses and also the short and wide pants which length above the ankle, matching with a short jacket for a stylish total look.

This trendy yet sporty collection is no doubt the must-have-items in your wardrobe. The very pure black base of the collection is highlighted with the fluorescent details. The designers picked a selection of noble but comfortable fabrics including gabardine of fine wool or shearling coat, and a neoprene jersey, milano or soft fake fur for the collection. Mix and matching with items from the collection from ¾ sleeves tunique, blouson, sleeveless dress, small jacket hood to a square neckline sweatshirt, a perfect trendy street style is easily achieved.

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