Beauty Hills' 5-Steps Skincare Regimen Debuts In Asia

Much loved by European beautyholics, Beauty Hills and its 5-Steps Skincare Regimen debuts at Harvey Nichols Hong Kong recently. Building upon parent's beauty legacy, CEO and founder John Bardenheierand launches his brand in Hong Kong as the first stop of expansion map in Asia. John and his team came all the way from Germany to share with the media on his philosophy of "5-Steps Synergetic Skincare Routine" at the event. Every reputable beauty company strives to work on effect skincare products for their users . At Beauty Hills, the team embraced the simple philosophy – the principle of synergy. Natural ingredients complement each other, strengthen each other and work together for skin health. This is why Beauty Hills developed a 5-steps skin care concept in which the products and ingredients complement, supplement, and enhance each other, ultimately interacting to benefit your skin.

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