PRADA Resort 2018 Advertising Campaign Perspectives

Prada Resort 2018 Advertising Campaign
An Osservatorio - an observatory. A window to the world, to observe celestial events. In this instance, the Osservatorio becomes a frame, for a view of Modernism informed and inspired by the past, but looking forwards. We observe new perspectives. For the latest facet of 365 unveiling the Prada Resort 2018 collection, photographer Willy Vanderperre captures Kris Grikaite in the Osservatorio, above the 19th century Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan, its soaring glass-vaulted ceiling forming a graphic backdrop outside the Osservatorio’s windows. There, three-dimensions become two-dimensions - the real becomes an abstract, the observer the observed, the historical modern. Titled ‘Perspectives’, this visual identity crafts a series of striking vistas of and fresh viewpoints on the Prada Resort 2018 collection. Perspectives are constantly shifted, horizons reinvented. The tension between the season’s inspirations of sport and the elegance of the Belle Époque era are played out here in the constant contrasts between the collection’s key looks and the unique architecture of the Galleria. The strict, artificial geometry of the iron and glass panorama is a potent contradiction to Grikaite’s natural, spontaneous demeanor. Alongside these sittings, situated in the environs of the Osservatorio itself, are images disconnected from a sense of then, or there, where Grikaite floats in optic white. A modern vision of Modernism. The direction of the new season here is clear: a fusion of past recollections with perceptions of the future, to invent new visions - new perspectives of the present.

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