Regency Palace Amman Hotel @ A Rustic Charm In Amman Jordan

History and culture are prominently rich in the Kingdom of Jordan, such a tourism treasure box with so much to discover. With lots of the unknown to explore, The Oriental Lounge in Regency Palace Amman Hotel is one of the lesser known highlights even to the locals that still conserves its unique and exotic charm and is well worth the trip to experience while visiting Amman. mylifestylenews writes.

Besides the magnificent world heritage site, Petra – thanks to Steven Spielberg’s Indiana Jones movie - and the magical Dead Sea 405 metres below sea level that no matter how hard you try to sink yet you still float like a balloon, what lies in the Kingdom of Jordan is pretty much unknown to many, especially the Far East travelers. Even those self claimed adventure travelers may still not have stepped foot in this exuberant country.

Jordanians are some of the most hospitable people on earth, many may have mistaken them for their desolate and cheerless personality. It is indeed on the contrary and you will find the warmth and the kindness in them, you’ll be shown their willingness of sharing.  We met up with the hotel owner Mr. Firas Swalha aka the CEO and the second generation family member that runs the hotel operation of the Regency Palace Amman.

Checking into hotels in Amman, you may somehow have to lower your star-rating standard even with some international hotel brands on the reviews or as advertised. But, if they have the know-how to extend the hospitality and make your stay a memorable one, they nail it. “Tourism may not be as encouraging the past few years and hence, we need various forms of support to keep this going” Mr. Swalha commented.

Being brought up in Madaba – the ancient town of Jordan located southwest of the capital Amman and known for its 6th century mosaic map of the Holy Land in the Greek Orthodox Church of St. George and furthering his education in a Hotel school in Switzerland (where his next generation’s successor is now also following his footsteps), Mr. Swalha took over the hotel operation from his well-groomed father (who we bumped into during lunch with his wife iin Al Madafa restaurant that serves extravagant buffet).

The Madaba mosiac city map are clearly seen in the lobby of the Regency Palace Amman hotel

“The hotel is old and we are still finding ways to upgrade and bring it to the next level while keeping some of the old character and charm. The recent add on was The Oriental Lounge. We bought a house that was originally built in the early 1900’s, the genuine restored old Damascus room that once originally decorated the reception hall of an opulent Syrian residence.

The Oriental Lounge during the day with natural sunlight brighten the up the cozy room

At night, the Oriental lounge 's mood changes to a more elegant and sophisticated ambience

We dismantled the interior crafted wood piece by piece and numbered them in sequence and brought it to the hotel and transformed it into this colorful lounge. It took us nine long months to install the entire fit-out referencing the authentic Arabic interiors with vibrant and colorful cushions, dramatic details of color juxtaposing the remixed oriental music played in the lounge. Plus the adjacent Shisha terrace is perfect on cool nights during summer. ” Says Mr. Swalha with utmost passion.

Make time your own to embrace such an architectural gem as you will easily let time slip away and marvel at its complex craftsmanship in this gorgeous and cozy little lounge which was originally the old entrance of the hotel.

The Oriental Lounge is one of the best places to chill and to admire the interior brought back to life from the early 1900s

The nostalgic checked marble floored at Le Piano Lounge also serves as the lobby lounge and offers live piano melodies by the resident pianist just right outside at the doorway of The Oriental Lounge.

The classy Marble floor brings back some good old memories from the 1920's

Moving in further, there is the masculine Ernesto Cigar Club furnished with rich English leather club seats, refined wood paneling and charming original art pieces.

The Enersto Cigar Club aka The Gentlemen's Club

The Ernesto Cigar Club is named after the legendary Ernesto Che Guevara for its quintessential indulgence for all cigar aficionados

Ernesto Che Guevara portrait is highly hung in the Ernesto Cigar Club

English leather club seats are plenty to accommodate more cigar aficionados especially in the evening

We loved the hotel ceiling foyer with elegant high pillars, adding the majestic feel with the old marble flooring. A huge piece of Madaba’s town highlights in a Mosaic map installed on the wall is reminiscent of what their home town has to offer and shows how proud the Swalha family would love to share with the guests.

Our room may be a little tired yet the complimentary in room high speed internet access is another plus. We love the Oriental porcelain lamp stand that adds further enhancement to this yesteryears’ décor inspired by a palette of tones and colors that heighten classic ersatz. The heater was switched on while we entered the room which is not necessary in February despite winter could go gown below 10c at some point. Light crisp fresh air flows in while the oversized window opens and overlooking the dramatic houses gradually filling up the hilly city of Amman and upcoming Abdali downtown area.

The Regency Palace Amman is located in the prestigious and commercial district of Shmeisani and steps away from the Royal Cultural Centre and Sports City.

Amman offers an extensive range of restaurants.While the options are varied and international, you are encouraged to try some of the diverse and delicious local and traditional food. Others influence the neighborhood countries like the Middle Eastern food, Indian spices recipe as well as the far east of the Orient. Thanks to the trading route in the past, such a melting pot of gastronomy gathered here and spread far and wide ever since.

Jordanian cuisine combines Bedouin traditions - nomadic Arabs from the desert - with the culinary masterpieces of numerous mighty civilizations and hence you won’t want to miss out the Kan Zamaan Restaurant nestled on an old Jordanian village within the stone walls of an 19th century settlement – Arabic for once upon a time. This distinguished heritage Ottoman era estate perfectly incorporates its golden past into the modern, offering unique, fine, authentic Oriental and local cuisine. Only a twenty minutes ride, you will be surrounded by another wonders of the Jordanians’ hospitality.

If you need a pre-dinner drink or after dinner digestive, head down to The Trader Vic’s Restaurant & Lounge to savor the Polynesian island flavors complimented by salsa entertainment performed by some energetic Cuban.

Unfortunately during our visit in the winter months, the outdoor roof top infinity swimming pool was closed and only re-opens in the summer months. Soaring high on the 21st floor, this infinity swimming pool is accompanied by the chic open air U Roof Lounge with hip rooftop sundeck that is set against one of the best views in Amman for you to enjoy the spectacular sunset.

This is where the fashionable locals and alike mingle while sipping the house signature cocktails. Sooth your body and swim in style in another temperature controlled indoor pool one floor below the U Roof Lounge flooded with natural day light and boosting amazing views Amman has to offer.

The heated indoor pool

The Spirit of travel will let you discover the unknown especially to a destination that is totally new to you. Feel free to explore the exotic land of possibilities in Jordan, as are most well greeted Ahalan Wa-Sahalan by the local that means Welcome to Jordan. We’re glad that we were here.

Tried & Tested:
Location: 4.5/5
Design & Decor: 4/5
Room Amenities: 3.5/5
Food & Beverages: 5/5
Housekeeping: 3.5/5
Service: 4/5
Value For Money: 4/5
Experience: 4/5

 The Oriental Lounge

 Queen Aliaa Street
Amman Jordan
Tel: +962 6560 7000

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