Ferragamo SS2017 Advertising Campaign

Ferragamo SS017 Advertising Campaign

 FLORENCE - A Mediterranean dreamscape with a contemporary point of view is the background for Ferragamo's latest advertising campaign. Photographed by Peter Lindebergh and starring models Lily Aldridge, Andres Velencoso and McKenna Hellam, the vibrant portfolio was lensed on location in Taormina, Sicily.

And it is in this spectacular resort town perched on the Mediterranean where a series of vignettes unfold. Conveying the kind of affinity and confidence only friends could possess, the trio is spotted along Taormina’s dramatic coast or meandering down its bougainvillea-lined paths. These stolen moments capture the modern yet refined mood of the Women’s and Men’s Spring 2017 collections, the former being the first designed by Fulvio Rigoni, the new head of women’s ready-to-wear.

In one image, Lily, wearing one of the collection’s feminine fluted hem dresses, and McKenna, in a sporty navy shirt with matching slouchy trousers, make their way through a lush garden. In another, Andres, dressed in a cerulean blue shirt, rolled up at the sleeves, and cropped trousers in the same bold shade, moves across Taormina’s craggy rocks as the sky and sea meld into one another. And in yet another, Lily, holding the season’s signature Soft Sofia bag, glances behind her as though someone is there. Her hair is slightly undone yet she radiates an innate elegance.

Each image pulses with energy and ease as Taormina’s natural beauty provides an ideal canvas for the collections’ contemporary ready-to wear and accessories. What emerges is a visual celebration of Ferragamo’s “Splendor of Life”—a spirit that melds traditional Italian patrimony with a fresh viewpoint. Shown as singles and spreads, the new campaign breaks globally in January and will be featured in the world’s leading fashion titles, newspapers.

Peter Lindbergh

McKenna Hellam, Lily Aldridge, 
Andres Velencoso

Hair stylist: 
Odile Gilbert

Make up: 
Stéphane Marais

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