Inspired by the vivid bursts of color in Marc Jacobs resort fashion collections, Daisy Marc Jacobs kiss editions are vibrant, bold, and striking. The bottles are dressed in a shocking hue of bright pink gradation, evoking the thrilling emotion of a kiss.

The daisy kiss and Daisy Eau so fresh kiss caps are adorned with luminous highlights of translucent pink floral accents for a playful finish. The Daisy dream kiss cap and shawl are dressed in a bright pink satin finish.

Complementing the bottle design, the outer packaging has a vibrant pink gradation. Daisy Kiss and Daisy Eau so fresh kiss are laced with the iconic daisy chain border in a deeper pink hue. The Daisy Dream Kiss packaging has a sleek satin finish and bright pink metallic lace border to match the original design.

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