Maison Margiela Replica Bag

It was in 1994, six years after the creation of Maison Margiela, that the rst replica pieces were born. Around thirty designs are « replicated » each season across both men’s and women’s collections, some as a one shot creation, others becoming iconic designs which are reinvented season after season like the GAT trainer. Whether a shirt, a dress, a trench-coat or a bag, these are pieces whose original construction and philosophy are in line with the Maison Margiela spirit. They could have emerged fullyformed from the studio, but their history provides that extra element of soul. The team simply searches for a fabric or nishing touch that will express the true nature of each item. Inside, a special label marks its status as a Replica piece, providing its description, origin and date of creation – like a descriptive plate for an exhibition. Another tale of true spirit. When the Maison Margiela team discovered this toiletry case in a vintage collection in Florence, its timeless lines and geometric proportions immediately caught their eye. Combining a retro feel with a modern appearance, a feminine audience yet a masculine style, everything about the bag pointed to a future Replica. Even the mix of fabrics – a contrast between the rich natural leather and the PVC interior – spoke the Margiela language. All these original features were kept, with only a shoulder strap being added for functional purposes. This new must-have item also inspired a range of smaller bags and leather goods, replicas of the rst Replica bag.

Beyond the simple notion of a copy, Replica suggests a sense of timelessness that is essential to the Maison Margiela philosophy. Alongside the codes created by the House’s collective imagination - the invisible label, the Tabi shoe - the Replica concept implies a gesture, the act of selection transformed into an art. Replica is about adding a fashion dimension to a regular object from daily life. Collected around the world, these pieces which have caught the eye of the creative team will be able to fully express their potential as they enter the Margiela wardrobe.

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