VULCAIN @ 50s President's Enamel "Pegasus"

 To celebrate the grand opening of the first Vulcain Monoboutique in Beijing and to express our blessing to Chinese 2014 Year of Horse, the manufacture Vulcain enriches its enamel collection by presenting its new 50s President’s “Pegasus” model. This outstanding new model expresses a universal symbol of wisdom and knowledge to celebrate Vulcain’s time-honoured watchmaking expertise. Pegasus is one of the best known mythological creatures in Greek mythology. He is a winged divine stallion usually depicted as pure white in color. Greco-Roman poets wrote about his ascent to heaven after his birth and his obedience to Zeus, king of the gods. He was captured by the Greek hero Bellerophon near the fountain Peirene with the help of Athena and Poseidon. Pegasus allowed the hero to ride him to defeat a monster, the Chimera, before realizing many other exploits. Because of his faithful service to Zeus, he was honored with transformation into the constellation Pegasus and placed up in the sky. The symbolism of Pegasus varies with time. Symbol of wisdom and especially of fame from the Middle Ages until the Renaissance, he became one symbol of the poetry and the creator of sources in which the poets come to draw inspiration, particularly in the 19th century. Pegasus is the subject of a very rich iconography, especially through the ancient Greek pottery and paintings, and the Renaissance sculptures.

Pegasus was raised by the Muses at Mount Helicon, where he was taken by goddess Athena. In all of his excitement for being given to those women, Pegasus was striking the side of the mountain with his hooves and his marks caused springs to turn into flowing fountains of inspiration. Those springs became sacred to the Muses who loved and respected the “flying horse”. From now on, everywhere the winged horse struck his hoof to the earth, an inspiring spring burst forth. After flying back to heaven, Pegasus lived on Mt Olympus until his last day and served Zeus with his thunder and lightning magic powers.

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