FENDI Fashion Jewelery @ The Blossom Collection

FENDI presents the Blossom collection, fashion jewelleries which combine the feminine element of ­owers with the geometric shapes typical of the roman maison inspired by the ­owers blooming in spring, an explosion of delicate colors and gladness. The link with Fendi is undeniable: every ­owers, in the necklaces, bracelets and brooches, has ‑ve petals, thus creating an ideal connection with the five Fendi sisters and the history of brand. Furthermore, the flower is a recurring elements in many accessories such as bags, shoes and scarves.

In addition, the metal ­flowers are surrounded by leather, another element dear to FENDI; the harmony between workmanship of the leather and the use of modern material s gives to the jewels a fresh and summer feeling. The collection includes both a romantic style with ­owers surrounded by Cuoio Romano in a delicate pink hue, inspired by the Selleria line, and a more modern touch given by metal bars plated in gold and silver, to recreate the eect of the iconic PEQUIN motif. This new line of bold yet feminine pieces, with its unique mix of materials and colors, expresses at its best the daring creativity of FENDI.

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