Shu Uemura @ Calligraph:ink Made Easy

Shu Uemura expands the versatility and excitement of eye make-up with calligraph:ink liquid eye liner. The Asian calligraphy-inspired eye liner and brush design draws endless possibilities. Calligraph:ink is a supremely versatile, high technique tool - backed by professional make-up artists insights so every woman can achieve beautiful and fun eye make-up with control and accuracy. Calligraph:ink beautifully frame eyes, it synchronize with a collection of eye shadows for stand out color against the intense Asian calligraphy black.  With a heritage built on eye expertise, shu uemura believes the eye is the central element of make-up, and the heart of beauty. With a single stroke of intense black calligraph:ink liquid eye liner, and a collection of striking eye shadows, the eye transforms into a graphical work of art. 

The most difficult makeup technique is drawing lines, in particular the eye lines. You need to draw precisely on eyelids that are soft and mobile, as well as to express changes in dynamism and texture, just like calligraphy. Calligraph:ink eyeliner has made drawing lines easy for all, from beginners to professionals. As an Asian expert on eye, shu uemura invites you to discover different eye lining techniques for different looks, moods and impact.” Kakuyasu Uchiide, International Artistic Director comments.

From fine to bold, the Asian calligraphy-inspired brush enables you to effortlessly draw lines 0.05mm sharp to 2.0mm bold with precise control and accuracy like a professional. The best combination of fine-particle carbon black formula and supple brush enables you to create intense eye line along any eye shapes with ease. Waterproof. Sweat-proof. Long-wearing. Reusable, refillable package.

For the first time ever, shu uemura presents innovative paperlashes in 2 cutest designs, which are designed and developed exclusively for shu uemura by Paperself. Inspired by the themes of love. Enjoy as a sweet accent.

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