ISEEY MIYAKI @ 2014 L'Eau D'iseey Pour Homme Yuzu Limited Edition

Issey Miyake celebrates spring 2014 with an ode to nature, the green of nature and the green of new life. The greening of the L’Eau d’Issey fragrances. In one, two, three new sensations. This breath of new life in a pop-up edition, just long enough to savour the season. L’Eau d’Issey launches headlong into a new adventure in three variations, each spotlighting a different facet of the composition, exalting its key ingredients while reaffirming the purity and simplicity of each EauL’Eau d’Issey pour Homme, that divine medley of wood notes, is rejuvenated with a fresh, upbeat vision of a new springtime. The yuzu in its composition is brought to the fore. This delicate and delectable citrus fruit, a cross between mandarin and lemon, is very popular in Asia. An element of the Japanese bath ceremony, it now adds its zest to perfumery. Yuzu sparkles in the top note and throughout the fragrance, its citrusy freshness underscored by the playful exuberance of ginger. A delightfully spicy hint of nutmeg enlivens the aquatic notes, while the characteristic woody base note glorifies cedar and vetiver, it is an exquisite, ebullient variation on the theme of citrus.

L’Eau d’Issey is timeless and iconic features a lotus blossom note, an imaginary recomposition of a precious, delicate flower that thrives on the water. The symbolism of this most aquatic of flowers is infused with serenity, a spirit that lends the fragrance its subtle refinement. Perfumer Alberto Morillas decided to heighten this vision of the lotus for the new springtime version of L’Eau d’Issey. Its light, aquatic floral character blends smoothly with a recomposition of hyacinth and a hint of sambac jasmine in the eminently aquatic middle note. The base note emerges with a delicate trail of white musks and precious woods to intensify the mellow roundness, the spirit of lotus floating gracefully through an exquisite floral expression.

The Sport version of Eau d’Issey embodies the values of the dynamic man of action, with a fragrance that invigorates him with freshness and energy. For this seasonal springtime version, Alberto Morillas has chosen to accentuate mint, adding a cool, bracing vitality that’s perfectly in step with the spirit of the fragrance. To amplify the freshness of the top notes, the citrus accord features Florida pink grapefruit, sweet and bitter, tart and tender all at once, and blending superbly with bergamot. Aromatic geranium emerges in the middle notes, creating a radiant harmony with a fresh, energising new Grasse mint. The base notes spotlight virile woods, with vetiver and white wood for an authentic purity, a variation infused with woody subtlety and overlaid with mint.

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