《RUGBY Sevens 2012 @ Fiji Won Cup Final》

The most anticipated game of the year Rugby 7 came to an end yesterday with nearly 40,000 crowds from around the globe cheered for Fiji's gloriously won the champion 35-28 for this 2012 Rugby 7 games played against last year champion, New Zealand. It was fast and it was emotional, Waisea Nayacalevu scored each side of half time and inspired the team to win the first cup victory in Hong Kong. Beside the exciting game, another fascinating sight was from the audiences who occupied the south stand with lots of surprises with their fancy costumes. This year we found the Fairy Tooth, Taco Men, The Penguins, the breasted Kim Jong Il's, The Smurfs, The Walking Egyptians, Over sized Elvis, Flintstones Family, The Amigos, The Beef Eaters, The Nuns and The Priests, The Elf, The Muscular Wrestlers, Batman, Wonder Women, The Iron Ladies, The Chinese Terracotta Army, Grandmas, The Gladiators, Star Wars Characters, The Geisha Men, The FBI, The Policemen Off Duty, The Swat Team The Snow White, The Swimmers, The Pilots, The Pan Am Flight Attendants, and many others more........but most importantly, were you there to share the joy and cheers?!

mylifestylenews reports live @ The South Stand