《NINA RICCI @ Nina Fantasy Limited Edition》

Here comes the fantasy story : There, it’s me. I’m in this forest, which is like a cartoon set.  It’s here and now, yet the light is so transparent  and the atmosphere so airy that it could be a dream. So how to sing about it? A dream is a dream/A dream is a dream.

There, I’m in a story, dressed kawaii style, with a mini-dress  and pink stilettos, a diaphanous complexion and a baby-doll’s eyes.  I’m in a screenshot, a fairy-tale landscape where time has been suspended.  A dream is a dream/A dream is a dream.

There, I’m in this song, a chorus on everyone’s lips both  on stage and backstage, a guitar riff and rock poetry,  vocal swirls and vintage synthesizers. I’m the fairy-tale of an unending concert, a fantasy erupting from reveries, a melody of a fragrance.
I’m Nina Fantasy.
The Apple-bottle lacquered is white and curved porcelain dotted with cartoon gifs. Golden lines and rosy sprays and an express symbol to flash-code dreams. In the shade of the bergamot, mandarin and pear trees, alluring, discreet and spontaneous cherry blossom. Break. Solar uplift with cream of roses and heliotropes comes with a hint of brown sugar and of Mate.