《A Stunning Haute Joaillerie Set @ Chopard》

This dazzling five-row necklace comprised of a variation of shaped diamonds and heart-cut sapphires is entirely in line with the tradition of exceptional, sophisticated and refined Haute Joaillerie creations cultivated by Chopard. The designers and jewellery craftsman of the luxury firm, along with its gemsetters, lapidaries and polishers, have lavished their best efforts and finest skills on crafting this spectacular model that flows softly into a charming décolleté. 200 hours of meticulous work within the hushed atmosphere of the Geneva workshops, where only the whirring of workmanship can be heard, result in the creation of this radiant necklace and matching earrings. 
The magnificent white gold plastron necklace is set with over 400 beads, marquise and round-cut diamonds, as well as heart-cut sapphires – Chopard’s symbolic shape. Made in the manner of a masterpiece painted by a great artist, the choice and the arrangement of the stones is masterfully designed to ensure that the necklace feels as fine and light on the skin as a delicate veil. Reminisent of the lightest feather, it appears to brush gently against the neck rather thancling from it. The whole art of Chopard is summed up within this magnificent Haute Joaillerie set that as delightful to admire as it is to wear!

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