MARC JACOBS FW2011 Fashion Show @ Hong Kong

Marc Jacobs FW2011 fashion show traded in the flowing, unrestricted silhouette of SS collection for structural lines and mellow curve. On the futuristic runway stage lined with white pillars which represent the iced-bound street of New York, models displayed these tough yet elegant pieces one by one. International top model, Liu Wen, emerged in the gorgeous and signature looks.
This is one of the most dazzling and exciting Hong Kong’s fashion scenes of the year. The collection adopts a warm tone palette like navy, grey and brown and creates a sharp contrast with brilliant burgundy, emerald or chic black and white. Different fabrics highlight the distinction of different hues and volume, including comfortable techno twill, sleek satin and soft felt. This season also signifies the first collaboration of Marc Jacobs and House of Harlot which produces unique and shiny polyester and latex fabrics for the former.
Marc Jacobs is experienced in mix-and-matching luxury with street style. This season, minimal designs are polished with luxury materials carefully selected by the designer, like fox fur, lamb fur, ponyskin and crocodile skin. Glitter and matte dots are the highlights of this season’s prints. Feminine draping and delicate trimming infuse the collection with wintry romance.
The party went on till late with plenty of bubbles going around enough to drag yourself home with insanity while you are still sober.

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