Gs de Pijp - A Sinful Breakfast

You no longer have to say no to Dutch breakfast – no more ordinary cold cheeses and flat bread in the morning but eat like a king for your very first meal of the day with an eclectic hot mess of love, lust, hunger and thirst for a warm, hearty and wholesome breakfast in a typical Dutch neighbourhood, breakfast ritual will never be the same again in Gs de Pijp. mylifestylenews writes.

Amsterdam has a lot of groovy precincts and for those in the know, the location of Ferdinand Bolstraat is a pretty happening area. Minutes away from the Albert Cuyp open Market in Amsterdam, there is an unpretentious homie nice eatery, Gs de Pijp - as the same suggests with a Really Nice Place and a hideout that makes the world a better place. Indeed, not that we are suggesting but you can probably just come down from your nearby apartment in your pyjamas and pick up a wholesome breakfast or even just a cuppa and nobody will query you.

This location has easy access by tram and metro on the doorstep and is also easily walkable from central Amsterdam in good weather. With a corner location, at a glance the façade is very monochrome in black and white, but on the inside is quite eclectic and referencing an American Diner and with so much more style decorated in vintage furniture, an old bar top adorned with art deco wall sconce lamps and even a hanging chandelier.

The vibe is so welcoming and thoughtful, with artistic photographs adorning the walls and the front of house team, small as it is and full of character from a personal touch. Tall indoor plants and olive trees break up the entrance, with a semi private dining room area at the back creates a more laid back ambience. Roses being inserted in recycled bottles on every dining table create a soft touch and brightens up the semi art deco interior harmonizing the surrounding setting.

Trays of eggs among other breakfast essentials are stacked on the open kitchen shelves next to the bar and helmed by two young ladies during our morning visit who manage the orders with a swift and speedy manner. Without any pretension, you can’t help but feel lucky to have chosen this address for a great breakfast while many bon vivants focus on lunch or dinner instead.

Feeling lucky gets ratcheted up a notch when you start looking at the menu, which is full of humour and it all begins with “FOREPLAY”, followed by the “MAIN ACT” and  “SWEET” with a happy ending, you get the picture! This is clearly not a place for bored palates. Sinful to have a Bloody Mary for breakfast, but it is sort of healthy, right? With over 18 to choose from, ranging from the classic to Bloody Kimchi (no confusion about this one) to Bloody Tokyo (with sake), and lastly Bloody Wrong (no alcohol). There is always something for your preference.

The glass rim is dipped in black pepper and it has to be one of the best Bloody Mary’s we have ever tasted. And mind you, Gs de Pijp insists on one Bloody Mary at a time as they are freshly made by the skillful hands to ensure the quality is maintained. Sober drinks, tipsy drinks or just hot drinks, you have already had a few laughs to set the morning mood! If you were to gulp it down like a horse, slow down cowboy! Of course, no breakfast is complete without food, so after perusing such a tempting menu, the surprises kept on coming.

Signature drink at Gs de Pijp - Bloody Mary

<Soulful Eggs>
two fried eggs with sticky Korean fried chicken, sesame mushrooms, spinach and home-made kimchi

Where to begin…..let’s start by saying fabulous. This is probably one of the best Korean style fried chicken you will taste, if not in Amsterdam. Light and crispy skin well battered and deep fried to golden brown, the flesh remained juicy inside and topped with mild Korean chili sauce that is a delicious start in no time. The mushrooms that just jumped off the forest floor and the home-made kimchi is as good as any authentic Korean recipe that gives a great kick on the flavour front. What a treat for the first meal in the morning!

<Brunch Dip On Crack> 
creamy avocado dip with bacon, grilled goat cheese, baked warm in the oven and served with crispy bread

Wow, wow, WOW! The excitement rhythm has certainly risen! Creativity reigns in this kitchen. On delivering this dish to the table, you think you have a fried egg ring on your dip, but it is fried goats cheese and the whole shebang is fabulous. The creamy rich avocado and bacon concoction is seriously addictive. Uniquely crafted and a must order!

<Dirty South>
homemade cheddar waffles, fried chicken and bacon served with sour cream and hot sauce and a poached egg

Can’t get enough fried chicken? This would be your next choice of order. Another delish and memorable dish to have, with the crispiest of chicken to be had and the whole combination is to die for, so let the dish speak by itself. A total savory number and it came in a very generous portion and was a meal in itself – Not to be missed!

<Eggs Benedict>
two poached eggs served on English muffin, topped with Hollandaise and bacon

When you think this is just a safe and boring order, we got the three ways, as it happened and could not fault one element, with perfectly cooked eggs and soft bagels with great flavoured bacon, smoked salmon and perfectly blanched spinach. Make room for this order as it is another generous and rich serving.

What a repast was had by the two of us. The portions are beyond expectations and flavours are sensational. Gs de Pijp blows all expectations out of the water. Usually eggs are your highlight for breakfast, but Gs de Pijp flips it by offering the best fried chicken and kimchi among other surprises. If you are kind to your server you may get an extra piece of crispy Korean chicken which is heaven sent. Mindfully prepared with speedy service, Gs de Pijp has a menu to offer that kicks ass compared to any other breakfast haunt you know of. Their approach to the menu is a touch of genius with portions and flavours that will have you planning a return visit very quickly. If you are looking for a fun filled breakfast place that is out of the box, a sinful breakfast is always in the making at Gs de Pijp that hits your G’s spot with a sweet and memorable happy ending. Guilty this is not!

Tried & Tested:
Location: 4.5/5
Design & Decor: 4/5
Food & Beverage: 5/5
Service: 5/5
Value For Money: 5/5
Experience: 5/5

Ferdinand Bolstraat 158
1072 LT Amsterdam 
Tel: +31 6 5372 2109

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