ETRO SS2020 "We Are All Nomads" Advertising Campaign

ETRO SS2020 "We Are All Nomads" Advertising Campaign

If life itself is an adventurous journey, an exploration into the unknown that is physical as much as it is psychologic, then we are all nomads. Each one with his or her own destiny and destination endlessly crosses paths with other humans and decamps to other places, absorbing everything everywhere, writing personal stories day after day.

Sailing is an apt metaphor to tell this ongoing tale: a journey happening on a well-aged sailing ship that speaks heritage, tradition and adventure like a cherished family treasure passed from one generation to the next. That’s what ETRO is about, after all, with a wandering clan of nomadic characters to prove it.

A bunch of beautifully diverse individuals – Lauren Hutton, Karen Elson, James Turlington, Alton Mason, Ugbad Abdi, Fei Fei Sun, Lexi Boling, Mark Vanderloo and Abby Champion – a drop of Paisley in their mind as the only common thread, gather on the shore. They get their portrait taken, in natural light, against a white backdrop, and then board the ship to sail into the unknown.

Travel, according to ETRO, is more about the journey than the destination; it is about discovering the unseen, be it nature or culture; it is about a quest for personal and cultural freedom. As all nomads, which means as human beings, no one will be the same once the travel is over, if it ever is.

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