Z ZEGNA SS2017 Urban Fashion Wanderlust Collection

Urban Fashion Wanderlust Collection 

Z ZEGNA SS2017 collection delivers a new sense of freedom defined by a wanderlust attitude that blends relaxed tailoring and authentic sportswear. Designed for a new generation of urban traveler, the Z ZEGNA SS2017 collection hints of a metropolitan-smart allure enriched by a globetrotting-inspired style.

Active forms and soft silhouettes combine with integrated travel details and interchangeable coordinates to ensure a level of stylish comfort and functionality that effortlessly take the Z ZEGNA man from morning to midnight without missing a beat.

In a graphical blend of color and patterns, marine blue is paired with optical white and green; black and natural merino white with yellow and grey mélange; and tobacco leaf with deep red cassias, pastel pink and blue.

The 3D weaves and travel-oriented prints, featuring passport stamps and birds of paradise, are enhanced by a careful selection of performance fabrics.

Crisp linen and cotton/silk blends with a lived-in spirit are refreshingly lightweight, while the iconic Techmerino is seen in softly tailored suits, jersey and knitwear.

With an elevated take on summer versatility, the newest Z ZEGNA collection leaves ample room for intrepid Techmerino sneakers as well as classic loafers; the essential yet sophisticated approach catering to the modern jet-setter.

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