BALMAIN SS2017 Women Collection

BALMAIN SS2017 Women Collection's runway is inspired by the unique strength of those strong women that Olivier Rousteing so lucky to know – the Balmain women.

In particular, styles channel the serene, confident and modern manner in which they face life. Those women never shy away from showing their softer side, sure in the knowledge that there’s no longer any need to shout.

For they've already proven themselves and an honest femininity forms an essential part of their impressive force. Like them, today’s runway has stripped back all nonessential armor, allowing for a clear focus on a beautiful lightness and ease.

Their spirit is reflected in this collection’s fluidity, relaxed sensuality and softness. Inevitably, there’s also a bit of myself in this collection.

The calmness of today’s garden-runway reflects the spirit of a new age.

Almost six years on, with more than enough battles and learning curves behind them, Rousteing and his team find themselves settling into our comfort zone.

They incorporate accomplishments, lessons learned and knowledge gained and their evolution continues apace. Today, they believe that they clearly show that in addition to pleasing our strong core of loyal customers, they can confidently open up the house to a wider audience.

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